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Medical weight loss program suited to your individual needsscary-weight-loss-trend-700 0

A medical weight loss program suited to your individual needs.

Are you at risk of metabolic diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol or hypertension?
Do you just want to lose weight to look and feel better? We have the solution for you!

A holistic weight loss program tailored to your individual preferences and metabolic needs, designed by an expert team consisting of a medical practitioner, nutritionists, and a lifestyle coach with years of clinical experience in the field of weight loss and metabolic disorders.

Weight loss @ Health is an 8-week program that includes:

  • A full medical assessment;
  • A nutritional evaluation, individualised meal plan and assessment on the InBody-scale;
  • A lifestyle analysis by our lifestyle coach; and
  • Weekly weigh-ins and supplement injections to aid weight loss, as well as an 8-week supply of a daily supplement to control appetite and reduce cravings.

Price: R 3 850.00 (includes all of the above)
Contact us now to enrol!
Diabetes Care Centurion: Dr Christel Olivier - 012 664 7831
Dieticians @ Health: Monique Bailey & Associates - 012 664 1003