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Mission VisionAt Diabetes Care Centurion, our vision for our patients with diabetes is to

  • With our patients set goals and targets, to enable them to lead a better quality of life by reaching a meaningful lower risk for the onset and development of both micro- and macrovascular complications as well as with a minimum of acute side effects, for example, hypoglycemic incidents; and
  • lower the risk for long-term irreversible complications by detecting, and providing the appropriate treatment for the early signs of vascular disease.

The mission, passion, and responsibility of our team of professionals is to empower and support patients with diabetes by

  • education to understand the disease, and coach support our patient throughout the treatment period at our clinic
  • coach motivate and encouraging them to follow the Diabetes Management Program, designed by the CDE (The Centre for Diabetes Excellence) and thus enabling the patient with diabetes to live a life where the disease is just a small part of their daily routine and not something that takes up every hour of every day
  • to screen for all major cancers
  • to also attend to our patients acute ailments for a more holistic approach.